Scrubber Tank (Bioreactor #3), 2020
Week 2
Acrylic, Spirogyra (long-haired algae), glass, flexline tubing, LEDS 
4d x 16h x 14w IN

Scrubber Tank (Bioreactor #3), 2020

Metro Pictures
New York, NY
Organized by Gallery Kendra Jayne Patrick

Seating Chart for a Fall Dinner Party in a Pandemic (2020) is a group exhibition previously on view at Metro Pictures (New York, NY). For the exhibition, the pictured bioreactor Scrubber Tank grew Spirogyra, a long haired algae sourced from the shallows located at the banks of the Los Angeles river. The tank mimicked the natural filtration systems of indigenous long hair filaments, removing nitrates and other pollutants from the water. This scrubber system is incidentally often designed for amateur home aquarium systems. However, unlike residential tanks, the objective of this piece is to generate an overpopulation of Spirogyra in order to replicate algae growth resulting from human pollution.

Scrubber Tank (Bioreactor #3), 2020 (installation view)
Week 1
Scrubber Tank (Bioreactor #3), 2020 (installation view)
Week 7
Scrubber Tank (Bioreactor #3), 2020 (detail)

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