UPROOT, 2023

Jetlag Gallery
Bern, Switzerland 

JETLAG is pleased to present, UPROOT, a collaborative exhibition by Alessandro Rolandi and Arden Surdam, organized by Till Könneker and hosted by Hella Studios.

For their first Bern-based show, Rolandi and Surdam will present site-specific installations in the tower of the Viktoria fire station. The artists expand on their parallel experience of relocating to Switzerland, negotiating the physical and emotional phenomena of being uprooted. By incorporating displaced materials or capturing similarly foreign Bernese subjects, UPROOT invites viewers to consider the oddities associated with finding oneself in an alien location. 

Installations are featured on all five floors of the building. Engaging with the unique architecture of the now defunct station, the artists generate sensorial environments through site, smell, and sound. Each level proposes a moment of fragmentation in an attempt to encapsulate the bizarre feelings of dislocation or longing. Through uprooted subjects, Rolandi and Surdam ask us to reflect on the occasionally violent acts of displacement and why we insist on imposing habitual transference on the natural environment or one another.

Nest, 2022
Till KönnekerAlessandro Rolandi, and Arden Surdam
Fabric, Emu Egg, Pepper, Sound (amplified Swisscom Ventilator System)
Dimensions Variable

Reclining Nude, 2022
Archival Inkjet Print
30.48 x 45.72 cm

Alessandro Rolandi
Traces of the Void, 2022
White ink on sandpaper
Series of 12
23 x 28 cm

Oiseau Reverso, 2021  (installation view)
Archival Inkjet Print
76.2 x 101.6 cm
Alessandro Rolandi
Impermanence, 2018 (installation view)
Natural roots, wine, pigment
Dimensions Variable
The Problem with Nature, 2022
Archival Inkjet Print
20.32 x 30.48 cm
Silverfish, 2021 
Archival Inkjet Print
129.54 x 86.36 cm
Reclining Nude, 2022 (installation view)
Alessandro Rolandi
Technopoetics (Manual of Insanity), 2015/2022 ongoing
Handwritten Interventions on mechanical A4 engineering drawings, prints
Dimensions Variable

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