Studio Cooking is a series by Arden Surdam and Meghan Gordon which explores how artists feed themselves while they work.  The upcoming series of performances from Nov. 9th - 15th will be part of their residency at the Armory through the Women's Center for Creative Work.

Studio Cooking in collaboration Meghan Gordon at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadenca, CA. Meghan & Arden created a temporary studio kitchen using cooking equipment borrowed from LA artists’ studios. Each day of the residency, a different chef-artist, -writer, -curator, or -performer presented a unique meal-event. Performers and guests assembled over mini fridges, toaster ovens, hot plates, coffee makers, rice cookers, blenders, and microwaves, and ate from Orr Herz’s handcrafted ceramic bowls, all while enjoying performance and discussions. Meal-events were prepared by Páll Haukur, Eric Kim, David Bell, Lisa Jugert, Amanda Martin Katz, and Studio Cooking.